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Fler böcker av Dorothy Dunnett

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Series The Lymond Chronicles. Required Cookies These cookies allow you to explore OverDrive services and use our core features. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. Checkmate is my favourite. However, the ending did feel a bit rushed, especially given our beloved DD's penchant for over-writing.

I enjoy Lymond when he's handling situations, meetings, people; and have less patience for the prophesies, lineage questions, mystical experiences and love songs of J. Alfred Blyth. I've been over with Niccolo for a while and DD puts a staggering number of fully-realized historical personages, great and small, into the pages.

I didn't notice how cautious she was about the "real people" characters in Lymond. And the historical set pieces in Niccolo are truly awesome; all the more because I was not aware of their significance prior to reading the books, and so I just experienced them from within, without hindsight. I had no idea what was significant about Trebizond, had never heard of the siege of Famagusta, and was ill-read about the Duchy of Burgundy.

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Got a serious education reading those books I am looking forward to re-experiencing my first Niccolo read by peeking in on this blog. This book is so incredibly romantic and heart-breaking.


It is such an incredible conclusion to the series, which really should be read all six in a row because each one builds on the last in such an intricate and also organic way. When I read these books, I feel like I am living and breathing them.

I'm kinda with you on this. Things really get ridiculous. Marthe as DD stands out hello?


The most intelligent man in the universe doesn't recognise Marthe in a wig? This allows the website to present the visitor with relevant advertisement - The service is provided by third party advertisement hubs, which facilitate real-time bidding for advertisers. Cookie-deklaration uppdaterades senast av Cookiebot. Del 6 av 6 i serien The Lymond Chronicles. Ljudbok Publicerad ISBN Visa alla. The Woman Who Walked into the Sea. Prova gratis i 14 dagar.

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Checkmate Audiobook | Dorothy Dunnett |

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