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Spanish Eating Customs: Tapas
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  3. The Mealtimes and Culinary Customs of Spain

Are there any specialty dished in Sitge? We will be going in March. First time to Spain. Everything mentioned looks and sounds so great.

An intelligent take on global lifestyle, arts and culture

The garlic shrimp, gazpacho and jamon iberico look incredible! With so much food, are you able to pick your favorite 2 or 3 for food in Spain? Nice compilation and insights. I also have added several Spanish recipes in my list. There are several new in your list that I should include.

Thanks for sharing. Great article! I have been living in backwater Spain and am more than familiar with most but not all! Crema catalana, for example, is a bit out of my reach in Extremadura. But just about everything else, from my experience, super accurate and well written — good stuff! I never heard of boiling the potatoes, first of all. I have always just been taught to fry them up hash brown style, along with the onions, nice and slow so nothing burns a little toasting is OK in my book , maybe like minutes.

But I suppose it could work depending on your taste. Now, the magic part. You have to fry the tortilla low and slow. Low heat, about minutes on each side. Give it a try!

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But I liked it. Tortilla recipe is not completely right. Potatoes are not boiled before frying. Onion should be cooked before join the eggs!! And then go on like the article says.

Top 10 favorite foods in Spain

Pd: You can add other ingredients, I recommend a quarter of green pepper fry it with the potatoes and the onions. It gives a delicious taste. I am a Spaniard and I would like to thank you for all your nice comments about my country.

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I am going to give you a couple of tips to make the best tortilla. Fist of all, the best potatoes to make it are kenebec ones. You have to slice them really small and thin. Throw them on very hot extra virgin olive oil. You need to boil them in oil.

Once the potatoes stick to each other, you will know they are ready. Then get rid of all the oil in the potatoes. Beat about 8 or 10 eggs. The more eggs you add, the better. A tortilla de patata should always be golden and outside bit very soft inside. To achieve this, after beating the eggs, throw the potatoes and mix it and mash it all with a fork, making sure the potatoes are completely soaked in those eggs. Then add a lot of olive oil to the frying pan reuse the one you fried the potatoes with.

Once the oil is hot, get rid of that oil and throw the mix in the frying pan. The secret to achieve the perfect texture is turning the tortilla several times aproximately every 10 seconds. When you have turned it about 6 times in total on both sides, it will be ready.

Spanish Eating Customs - Spanish Culture

Put it on a plate and then wait about 5 minutes before you cut the portions. Tortilla de patatas seems an easy dish to cook, as the ingredients are simple, but I can tell you it is one of the most difficult dishes to cook well. I prefer it without it, specially with farm eggs, so you can taste the eggs and the flavour of the potatoes properly. You can watch how they make tortillas on youtube. Hope my tips make a huge difference in your tortilla. Sign up for the newsletter and get notified each time we publish a new post.

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! Please check your email inbox to confirm. Something went wrong. By Meeroona. Written by Meeroona. You May Also Like. Read More. Miruna Corneanu. Corey Knight. Juju elkordy. Mihaela Lica Butler. Joel Serra Bevin. Rebecca Cruickshank. Recently, the new Spanish gastronomy has taken center stage with internationally recognized chefs. Spaniards are shown to be extremely social eaters and drinkers who like to eat out. The everyday routine of eating out, such as at work and school, is clarified as well.

Home cooking and the Spanish kitchen get special attention. Finally, although Spanish food has always been associated with the highly touted Mediterranean diet, health concerns about current eating trends are discussed.

The Mealtimes and Culinary Customs of Spain

A timeline, a chronology, and illustrations round out the coverage. He is also the president of the Spanish section of the International Commission on the Anthropology of Food and the general editor of the journal Anthropology of Food. Food Culture in Spain. Xavier Medina. Major Foods and Ingredients.