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By Tim Maloney We started a conversation yesterday about how a plan to implement congestion pricing will affect parking in Manhattan. By Tim Maloney Manhattan is overflowing with more than 50 percent of trips in the central business district CBD made by motor vehicles, and the average speed for traffic has dropped to 7. Raise your hand if, as a kid, you envisioned someday flying around like one of the Jetsons in your very own airborne car.

You have lots of company. But is that really ever going to happen? Not likely, say experts—there are just too many hurdles to jump. In what many believe is a step toward a greater role in mobility, automaker Ford this week acquired Journey Holding Corporation, which develops intelligent transportation software, and Quantum Signal AI, which develops robotics—notably a testing simulator for artificial intelligence AI systems; it develops systems for the U.

While there is nothing new in this observation, I am currently experiencing a new perspective on it. After nearly four decades in the parking profession, I find myself planning for retirement. EasyPark, which operates parking in Anchorage, Alaska, is accepting school supplies in lieu of parking fines to help local kids in need. By Rita Pagan Vacations are supposed to be a respite from work, right?

I was asked if I wanted to move there and I said yes. By Robert Ferrin We as parking and mobility professionals are often pulled in a million directions on a daily basis.

Sharing thoughts and spreading ideas…

We manage complex programs, often with multiple systems and large staff bases. Autonomous vehicles AVs will reduce the demand for parking in cities. Or they might increase it, depending. Same for the need for driving lanes, which affect the availability of bike lanes and pedestrian pathways. They might make cities more—or less—walkable, too. Patrons are demanding more options and flexibility with seamless accessibility. Following several other California cities, San Francisco is considering designating a parking lot as a safe place for people living in RVs to spend the night.

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Feehan My wife and I recently decided to embark on a new adventure. We rented a foot Thor Axis, a class C recreational vehicle and began a journey into the rural areas and small towns of Virginia. The future of real-world mobility will be the subject of a new research facility established by Ford in Detroit. Born — Baby Boomers. Born — Gen Xers. Born — Millennials. By Jennifer I. After all, we live in the age of communication—digital connections, chats, email, texts, social media—all at our fingertips. Yet getting information into the hands of those who need it can be excruciatingly difficult.

Will autonomous vehicles be game-changers for the way elderly people live their lives? It was a pleasure to be able to put faces with names and talk with you in person. Las Vegas Parking Services got national attention this week when it started accepting donated school supplies as payment for parking citations. Forty-five percent of survey respondents said safety concerns and technology failures were their biggest fears about going driverless. The U.

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Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this spring that chalking tires for parking enforcement violates the search and seizure clause of the Fourth Amendment. The decision had potential wide-reaching implications in the parking and mobility industry. IPMI developed this opinion piece on the matter.

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The City of Greenville, S. Many of the parking facilities are tied to development projects—hotels, office complexes, event venues, residences, restaurants, and retail. The law came after the murder of a woman who got into a vehicle she believed to be an Uber. By Jay Manno Correction does much, but encouragement does more. Knowing is not enough; we must apply.

Willing is not enough; we must do. Everyone has their own unique personality and style. For the first time, Waymo formerly the Google self-driving car project has teamed up with two automakers to research driverless mobility services. The company will work with Nissan and Renault to work on driverless delivery of packages and people in Japan and France. By Cindy Campbell Did you make it out to Anaheim? I hope you did. If you are the mentor, you need to make time for the other person.

The Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Program grants are available to cities, states, local government and transit agencies, and planning organizations. Google is rolling out the re-launch of its Assistant parking feature, giving users the ability to ask where they left their cars and get a pretty accurate answer.

In what the Washington Post is saying may be the next big trend in micro-mobility, Bird will pilot a two-seater, electric vehicle with an LCD screen, hydraulic disc brakes, and a volt battery. By David Feehan Several weeks ago, I wrote about disaster planning and the horrendous flood that nearly destroyed downtown Ellicott City, Md.

Bartlett | Celebrating years of The Bartlett

Now, County Executive Calvin Ball has proposed a more expensive flood mitigation plan for the city. Below is a brief abstract describing the document. I was blessed to find a mentor in my early days as a young marketing coordinator in Philadelphia. It is a feeling of betterment and building. Are you ready? Before taking off for Anaheim, we have a few suggestions: Register!

Visit ipiconference. Delivery of the Bolt Nano is scheduled to begin in By Guy Barnes Time to plan your next vacation. Choose a destination—check. Book your flights and lodging—check, check. Travelers have grown to expect to make these purchases online. By Tim Maloney With airports adapting to ride-share disruption with extra fees or complete overhauls of their drop-off and pick-up stations, many have questioned how to get more travelers parking. By Kim Fernandez Change is the law of life. Parking minimums for new construction projects are up for debate in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, including a recent four-hour session on the topic by the city council.

The curb may be evolving into the hottest piece of real estate around. By Jason M. In an effort to spread awareness about parking options, the City of Royal, Oak, Mich. The city owns three garages—with a fourth opening this summer—totaling 3, spaces, but closed a surface lot earlier this year. When it comes to parking—not so much. You all know parking lines are meant to guide drivers to park between them. By Matt Davis and Taylor Kim How many times have you thought about going somewhere only to cringe at the thought of having to park?